Supply of new Submersion Unit and Wet Wood Wool Conveying System to Celenit, Italy

Customer: Celenit s.r.l. Isolanti Termoacustici
Location: Italy
Finalized in: January 2022

In addition to the recently supplied new Mixer and Wet Wood Wool Spreading and Conveying System, Eltomation will supply a new Submersion Unit to Celenit’s plant operation.

The 3 partial projects will be integrated into one final Dosing and Mixing system, improving the overall board quality and plant efficiency.

Supply of ELTOMATIC CVS-16 to ISOLITH Dämmstoffe, Austria

Customer: ISOLITH Dämmstoffe, M. Hattinger GmbH
Location: Austria
Finalized in: Summer of 2021

Eltomation has recently supplied an ELTOMATIC CVS-16 Rotating Wood Wool Machine to the WWCB Plant of ISOLITH, Austria.

The ELTOMATIC will contribute to an overall capacity increase and safer working environment at ISOLITH’s plant, meanwhile securing an increased plant efficiency.

Supply of new Intelligent Wood Block Saw to Träullit, Sweden

Customer: Träullit AB
Location: Sweden
Finalized in: January 2020

Eltomation has recently supplied a new Intelligent Wood Block Saw and been given the task for the integration of an Electrical Control System on the existing WWCB Plant of Träullit. The new Block Saw assists Träullit in its goals to further automate its production process.