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EltoBoard (Wood Strand Cement Board) is a new type of Wood Strand Cement Board with improved structural strength This high density board has been developed by Eltomation based on long-term experience with similar wood cement boards. EltoBoard offers durability, structural strength and resistance against fire, moisture, freeze-thaw cycles and termites, which makes it suitable for a wide range of internal & external applications. Due to the use of long wood strands instead of wood particles, it is lighter and stronger than Cement Bonded Particle Board.

EltoBoard is produced in a board width of 60 cm / 2' (standard width) or can optionally be produced in a full-size board width of 120/125 cm / 4'.

EltoBoard is an environmentally friendly building material, free from harmful substances. The board does not contain any formaldehyde, toxic substances, asbestos or any other hazardous ingredients. Neither does the production process emit any environmentally unfriendly or toxic waste. The main components of EltoBoard are wood strands, Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) and water.

EltoBoard is a versatile building material with structural strength and a closed surface, which makes is suitable for a wide range of applications

EltoBoard is very suitable for a wide range of applications in markets which are now dominated by CBPB, backerboard, OSB, gypsum and MDF products.

Examples of such applications are:

  • exterior and partition walls
  • flooring and underlayment
  • roofing board
  • external siding, shingles and shakes
  • fire resistant construction
  • permanent shuttering for concrete forming systems
  • prefabricated houses
  • economic housing
  • sound barrier walls

EltoBoard is durable. EltoBoard is weather, frost and rot resistant and it is not subject to any biological decay. Due to its excellent properties EltoBoard is durable in any climatic condition. Even when unprotected it can be exposed to all kinds of weather and climate. EltoBoard is also resistant to termites, insects and fungus.

EltoBoard is fire resistant. EltoBoard is suitable for fire resistant constructions, such as fire protection walls, partitions, columns and ceilings.

EltoBoardeasily workable. EltoBoard can easily be nailed, screwed and stapled and worked on with standard tools for e.g. cutting, drilling and profiling. Furthermore EltoBoard has a closed surface and directly accepts a wide range of finishes, such as a mortar render, plaster and mastic.

EltoBoard offers structural strength at high density. Due to the use of long wood strands a bending strength of up to 20 N/mm2 is obtained. EltoBoard used as Permanent Shuttering Board gives additional strength to concrete structures in earthquake prone area's.

Standard dimensions and density of EltoBoard:

2400 / 2440 mm (8') and 3000 / 3050 mm (10')
600 / 610 mm (2') - optionally 1220 mm (4')
6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 15 / 20 / 25 mm
approx. 1100 kg/m3

Other dimensions and densities are possible as well.

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