Advanced Production Lines for Wood Cement Products


Eltomation BV of Barneveld, The Netherlands, supplies turnkey plants and equipment for the production of the following Wood Cement Boards and Products:

  • Wood Wool Cement Board (WWCB)
  • Large Wood Wool Cement Wall Elements
  • High Density Wood Strand Cement Board (WSCB) – EltoBoard
  • Cement Bonded Particle Board (CBPB)

With over 60 years of experience and a worldwide supply of over 160 complete plants and projects, Eltomation is playing a leading role in the development and supply of plants for the production of Wood Cement Boards, such as Wood Wool Cement Board, Wood Strand Cement Board/EltoBoard, Cement Bonded Particle Board and the new Large WWC Wall Element. Several patents were obtained in various countries.


Wood Wool Cement Board (WWCB) Plant

Main Forming Line WWCB Plant
Main Forming Line WWCB Plant

The data below provides information on the two most common WWCB plant types as provided by Eltomation, which are:

A. Fully Automated WWCB Plant (incl. full Finishing Line).
B. Expandable (semi-automated) WWCB Plant.

Both Plant types are provided with the ELTOMATIC CVS-16 Rotating Wood Wool Machine, which allows the production of high-quality boards at high capacity.

The Fully Automated WWCB Plant allows for the production of the full range of WWCB products, which includes:

  • Standard WWCB (typically produced with grey cement)
  • Acoustic ceiling panels (usually produced with fine fibers, white cement and optionally spray-painted)
  • Composite WWCB (2- or 3-layer Sandwich board with a core of EPS, XPS or Rockwool)
  • Reinforced WWC Roofing Boards (for high load bearing applications).

This advanced Production Line is provided with an “Automatic Board Drying Line, followed by a full “Finishing Line”, which includes operations such as Thickness Calibration, Trimming & Profiling and Spray Painting. Finished boards are automatically palletized, strapped and/or fully packed.

Optional to such “Fully Automated WWCB Plant” we can provide our Clients with a so-called “Expandable WWCB Plant“. Such Expandable Plant includes the main production line, however does not have the Board Drying Line and only a limited Finishing Line. To reduce the initial investment, the Expandable WWCB Plant is designed for the manual feeding of wood blocks and manual (de)stacking of boards. At a later stage, more equipment can be added, to increase the product range and reduce the labour requirements. This line is therefore more suitable for clients, where labour costs are low to modest and the market for the board still needs to be developed.

Eltomation will closely work with each Client to offer the best suitable “custom made” WWCB plant configuration in view of grade of automation, layout and labour requirements.

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Large WWC Wall Elements Production Line

Eltomation has in recent years developed a new production line for the manufacture of Prefab Large Wood Wool Cement Wall Elements

The newly designed Large Element Line allows the production of full-size Prefab Wall Elements of up to 6 m length, 2,6 – 3 m height and 30 – 50 cm thickness. These Wall Elements provide a high thermal insulation, 6+ hours fire-resistance, as well as a high heat storage capacity. These full-size wall elements allow the fast and economic contruction of energy-efficient (passive) pre-fab housing units.

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EltoBoard (high density Wood Strand Cement Board) Plant

This fully automated EltoBoard (/WWCB) Plant can produce various board types:

  • High density Wood Strand Cement Board / EltoBoard

In addition the following (low density) WWCB Products can be produced on this line as well:

  • Standard Wood Wool Cement Boards (WWCB);
  • Acoustic WWCB (decorative and sound absorbing ceiling boards, usually produced with fine-fibers and white cement);
  • Optionally: Composite WWCB (2- or 3-layer sandwich boards with a core sheet of EPS/XPS, PU-foam, Rockwool or other insulating material);
  • Reinforced Roofing WWCB (pole reinforced roofing boards to carry a high (snow)load);

This advanced EltoBoard (WWCB) Plant is quite similar to our WWCB Plant, however also allows the production of medium- and high-density EltoBoard, by having an EltoBoard Press be added to the Plant.

Such “Fully automated EltoBoard/WWCB Plant” is standard provided with an Automatic Board Drying Line, followed by a Finishing Line, which includes various finishing operations such as Thickness Calibration, Final Trimming & Profiling and (optionally) automated Spray Painting of the individual boards. As a final step the finished boards are automatically stacked onto pallets and strapped and/or fully packed, according to the specific wishes of each Client.

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Eltomatic – Wood Wool Machine

The Eltomatic is our fully automated Wood Wool Machine. It is designed to produce high quality wood wool of various thicknesses at a high capacity.

The Eltomatic Wood Wool Machine was designed to produce high-quality wood wool (excelsior) at a consistent high capacity. It is often supplied as a part of our production line and most modern Wood Wool Cement Board Plants are provided with 1 or 2 Eltomatic Wood Wool Machines.

The Eltomatic receives 50 cm long (previously debarked) wood blocks of up to 26 cm diameter. These blocks are cut into 2 equal lengths of 25 cm each for automatic placement onto the rotating disc. The disc contains 16 (quick exchange) knife sets. The automatic placement of blocks is nowadays based on servo-drives and electronically regulated hydraulic systems for a precise and controlled movement of the equipment.

Using the Eltomatic Wood Wool Machine has its benefits:

  • Fully automated operation, ensuring safe production of high quality wood wool
  • Wood wool of various thicknesses
  • High capacity
  • Various wood species possible
  • Effective use of raw material

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Cement Bonded Particle Board (CBPB) Plant

CBPB Plant, Main Forming Line
CBPB Plant, Main Forming Line
CBPB Plant, Caul Handling System
CBPB Plant, Caul Handling System

Unlike our other Wood-Cement Products,  CBPB is not produced from the long wood wool fibers but from small wood particles, which are mixed and bonded by cement, water and a small quantity of additives. These wood particles are produced from either wood flakes/chips or from debarked logs (such as Pine/Spruce), to be processed to the proper dimensions. The Dosing & Mixing Process is based on a batch mixing process, where after the wood particle-cement mixture is precisely (and on continuous basis) spread onto special flat steel cauls by our proprietary Mechanical Forming Stations. The scope of supply in the main production line furthermore includes the following processes/Groups: Caul Circulation – Mat Stacking – Stack Pressing– Curing Chamber – Destacking Operation of cured boards. Final processing includes: Board Drying, Final Trimming & Profiling and a Stacking/Packaging Operation. Optionally a Painting Line can be added.

Board dimensions are based on 2400-3200 mm length x 1200 mm width. Thicknesses range from 8-40 mm.

The density of CBPB is approx. 1250-1400 kg/m³. Product specifications will be in accordance to EN 634-2 : 2007.

Typical CBPB Plant Capacities (based on 3 shifts/day) are 120, 150 or up to 200 m3/day.

The realization of our CBPB Plant projects will be in close cooperation with our new European partners. This cooperation, which brings together the experiences and strengths of all parties, results in a faster and more efficient process for equipment & electrical controls design, manufacturing, plant commissioning and after-sales services

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Wood Wool Cement Board


Wood Wool Cement Board (WWCB) is a versatile building material made from wood wool (excelsior) and cement.

The main propertiesare:

  • Excellent acoustic performance – sound absorption
  • Fire resistance (in both B1 and A2 class)
  • Good thermal insulation, providing energy savings
  • Wide range of design solutions
  • Documented sustainability
  • Strong contribution to a “Healthy Indoor Climate” (emission-free)
  • Good Product Life Cycle (incl. Cradle-to-Cradle certificate)
  • Wet and dry rot resistance, as well as freeze-thaw resistance

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Large WWC Wall Elements

Large WWC Elements

Environmental awareness and the need to build energy efficient give a new impulse to Wood Wool Cement (WWC) building products. Recently the Swedish WWCB producer Träullit developed a revolutionary new building system with high thermal insulation, consisting of large homogeneous WWC Wall Elements of up to 6 m length and 260 cm height. The thickness of the WWC elements is up to 40 cm.
The main properties of this unique new building system are:

  • Energy efficient
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Fast construction
  • Exceptional sound absorption
  • Fire resistant (6 hour fire-rating achieved)
  • Excellent heat storage capacity
  • Termite and vermin proof
  • Good mold/fungus resistance
  • Excellent workability
  • Simple ingredients: (industrial) wood, water and cement
  • Eco-friendly production (no additional heat required)

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High density Wood Strand Cement Board – EltoBoard


EltoBoard (Wood Strand Cement Board) is a type of Wood Strand Cement Board with improved structural strength This high density board has been developed by Eltomation based on long-term experience with similar wood cement boards. EltoBoard offers durability, structural strength and resistance against fire, moisture, freeze-thaw cycles and termites, which makes it suitable for a wide range of internal & external applications. Due to the use of long wood strands instead of wood particles, it is lighter and stronger and more flexible (less brittle) than Cement Bonded Particle Board (CBPB).

EltoBoard is an environmentally friendly building material, free from harmful substances. The board does not contain any formaldehyde, toxic substances, asbestos or any other hazardous ingredients. Neither does the production process emit any environmentally unfriendly or toxic waste. The main components of EltoBoard are wood strands, Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) and water.

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Cement Bonded Particle Board


Cement Bonded Particle Board (CBPB) is manufactured mainly from the familiar and proven raw materials – Cement and PEFC Certified Soft Wood Particles – to which a small quantity of additives is added to ‘mineralize’ the wood particles.

CBPB is suitable for exterior and interior use; it is asbestos free; it contains no hazardous volatiles and its process dust is regarded as non-aggressive.

After being absent from his specific market for some time, Eltomation is pleased to again offer such turn-key CBPB Plant projects, based on our long-term involvement in several (turn-key) CBPB Plants and our experience in upgrading of existing CBPB Plants. The realization of such CBPB Plant projects will be in close cooperation with our new European partner. This cooperation, which brings together the experiences and strengths of both parties, results in a faster and more efficient process for equipment & electrical controls design, manufacturing, plant commissioning and after-sales services.

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