Eltomatic – Wood Wool Machine

The Eltomatic is our fully automated Wood Wool Machine. It is designed to produce high quality wood wool of various thicknesses at a high capacity.

Wood wool applications

The wood wool used in the Wood Wool Cement Board production industry has a wide range of other interesting applications where the advantages of this eco-friendly material material come fully into play. More and more businesses choose wood wool as eco-friendly material.

Growing markets where high-quality wood wool/excelsior is required for are:

  • eco-friendly packaging,
  • biodegradable erosion control mats,
  • air cooler pads,
  • animal bedding,
  • decorative mulch for gardening,
  • fire-starters, etc. 

Wood wool as packing solution has a variety of uses, which include:

  • food packaging (for example, crabs, lobster, fruit and vegetables),
  • gift hampers,
  • plant packaging,
  • wine packaging.

Pictures courtesy of Fibreries de Touraine, France

Wood wool production

The Eltomatic Wood Wool Machine was designed to produce high-quality wood wool (excelsior) at a consistent high capacity. It is often supplied as a part of our production line and most modern Wood Wool Cement Board Plants are provided with 1 or 2 Eltomatic Wood Wool Machines.

The Eltomatic receives 50 cm long (previously debarked) wood blocks of up to 26 cm diameter. These blocks are cut into 2 equal lengths of 25 cm each for automatic placement onto the rotating disc. The disc contains 16 (quick exchange) knife sets. The automatic placement of blocks is nowadays based on servo-drives and electronically regulated hydraulic systems for a precise and controlled movement of the equipment.

Benefits of the Eltomatic

Using the Eltomatic Wood Wool Machine has its benefits:

  • Fully automated operation, ensuring safe production of high quality wood wool
  • The Eltomatic Wood Wool Machine ensures a fully automated and safe operation for the production of normal, fine and super-fine wood wool, allowing the production of decorative acoustic ceiling boards and other products. As the operation is fully automatic, it only requires one supervisor for the full log & block handling and wood wool operation. No manual placement of blocks is required. The Eltomatic is installed in a secured safety room with controlled and safe access to the machine.

  • Wood wool of various thicknesses
  • The wood wool thickness is adjustable from 0,1 to 0,4 mm. The wood wool width is set by the type of knives in the machine, which can range from 1,0 to 4,0 mm.    

  • High capacity
  • The production capacity of the Eltomatic ranges from 1.300 kg/hour for extreme thin wood wool to up to 3.500 kg/hour for thicker wood wool, subject to the block diameter. One Eltomatic replaces up to 10 previously known reciprocation sledge machines.

  • Various wood species possible
  • Common wood species include Pine, Spruce and Aspen/Poplar, although other (soft) species are possible as well.

  • Effective use of raw material
  • Waste pieces, limited to almost zero, are discharged fully separately by means of a discharge conveyor to be collected in a waste bin or further shredded to be suctioned away.

    Our experience and technical support

    Over 35 Eltomatics are successfully operational at our clients on a world-wide basis, on either a 1, 2 or even full 3 shift per day basis. The operational status of these machines can be reviewed online by our technical support team at our office in Barneveld, Holland, ensuring each client to receive immediate technical support.

    Full Scope of supply

    Eltomation can supply the Eltomatic on a stand-alone basis or include our complete system for automated log infeed and block cutting, as well as a conveying system for transfer of the wood wool to the downstream production- or wood wool packaging line. A Wood Dust Screen can be included.

    Budget price

    The typical investment for this fully automated Wood Wool Production operation ranges from approx. EUR 1.5 – 2 Million, subject to final scope of supply.