Eltomation as Exhibitor at Rebuild Ukraine in EXPO XXI, Warsaw, Poland

Eltomation is joining forces with hundreds of other companies at the Rebuild Ukraine exhibition in Warsaw, Poland from February 15th till February 16th in 2023.

Please visit us at stand 9-3 and see all to other great companies as well.

Eltomation was Exhibitor, Speaker and Sponsor at IIBCC 2022

15th-18th of November 2022, Hamburg, Germany.

Over 170 specialist, researchers and industry leaders from around the world could finally again meet together at the IIBCC 2022, this year in the beautiful venue Saalhaus in Hamburg Germany, to discuss new trends, product development and technologies in the field of composite cement boards.

Mr. Bert van Elten, CEO of Eltomation was speaker on the subject “Innovative production technologies and applications in the field of Wood Cement Products” during the Suppliers Day (Production Technologies) and Conference Day 1 (Applications and new developments in Sustainability).

The presentations were well received, and various pending follow-up discussions came out of this conference.

The full paper can be downloaded from the IIBCC website by clicking this link or by visiting the IIBCC website: https://www.iibcc.biz/features/papers/.

Supply of new WWCB Plant to Troldtekt, Denmark

Customer: Troldtekt A/S (Kingspan Group)
Location: Denmark

Eltomation has been awarded a major contract for the turn-key supply of a full-scope WWCB Plant to its client Troldtekt A/S in Denmark.

The new (greenfield) WWCB Plant will contribute to a substantial increase of the plant capacity at Troldtekt’s plant location in Troldhede, Denmark. This expansion meets the ambitious international growth of the Sustainable Insulation Products under the new ownership of Kingspan Group.

This fully-automated WWCB Plant includes amongst others 2 Eltomatic CVS-16 Wood Wool Machines and the latest design Forming Line for the production of high-quality acoustic & decorative boards. Various new developments are included.

Eltomation B.V. celebrating its 30-Years Anniversary

We are proud to announce that on September 1st 2022, it has been 30 years since we established our company Eltomation B.V..

Our track record goes even back to 1956, when Mr. G.J. (Gerry) van Elten (a just graduated Engineer) established his engineering company and started his first developments to improve the quality of the (still mainly manual) board production.
These initial developments and supplied equipment and solutions were the basis of our international success to become world-leader in the field of Wood-Cement Board Plants and Technologies.

During these decades we have been serving our international clients with new and more advanced technologies, plant modernisations and expansions, as well as greenfield Wood Cement Board Plant projects.

We like to thank our esteemed client-base for their support during these many years of cooperation and look forward to continue our pleasant relationships for the coming decades. Last but not least, we like to thank our staff for their continued support, efforts and workmanship to keep Eltomation world-leader in this field.

Eltomation being Speaker and Exhibitor at IIBCC 2022, Hamburg, Germany

Date: 15th-18th of November 2022
Venue: Saalhaus, Hamburg, Germany

Researchers, Scientist and Industry leaders from around the world will be meeting at this International Inorganic-Bonded Fiber Composite Conference to discuss the new developments in the field of raw material technology, market trends, sustainable solutions and other topics.

Mr. Bert van Elten, CEO of Eltomation, will be speaker on the subject: “Innovative production technologies and applications in the field of Wood Cement Products”.

Eltomation is proud to be a sponsor and exhibitor at this event.

The full Paper will be presented here directly after the Conference.

Additional Eltomatic Wood Wool Machine for Dietrich Isol AG, Switzerland

dietrich isol
Customer: Dietrich Isol AG
Location: Switzerland
Finalized in: Early 2022

Eltomation has been awarded a contract for the supply of an additional Eltomatic Wood Wool Machine to its Swiss client Dietrich Isol AG.

The new and more advanced Eltomatic allows Dietrich Isol to further expand the production capacity of its WWCB Plant.

Major upgrade of the Dosing and Mixing Group at FRAGMAT H, Croatia

Customer: FRAGMAT H
Location: Croatia
Finalized in: Summer 2022

Eltomation has been awarded an international tender contract to implement a major upgrade of the Dosing and Mixing Group at FRAGMAT H, Croatia.

This plant upgrade will include a new Wood Wool Spreading and Dosing System, in combination with a new Cement & Limestone Dosing System and Double Shaft Mixing Operation. The new PLC Controls system will be expanded throughout other plant operations as well.

Installation is scheduled for the spring/summer of 2022.

Supply of new Submersion Unit and Wet Wood Wool Conveying System to Celenit, Italy

Customer: Celenit s.r.l. Isolanti Termoacustici
Location: Italy
Finalized in: January 2022

In addition to the recently supplied new Mixer and Wet Wood Wool Spreading and Conveying System, Eltomation will supply a new Submersion Unit to Celenit’s plant operation.

The 3 partial projects will be integrated into one final Dosing and Mixing system, improving the overall board quality and plant efficiency.

Supply of new Intelligent Wood Block Saw to Träullit, Sweden

Customer: Träullit AB
Location: Sweden
Finalized in: January 2020

Eltomation has recently supplied a new Intelligent Wood Block Saw and been given the task for the integration of an Electrical Control System on the existing WWCB Plant of Träullit. The new Block Saw assists Träullit in its goals to further automate its production process.

Supply of ELTOMATIC CVS-16 to ISOLITH Dämmstoffe, Austria

Customer: ISOLITH Dämmstoffe, M. Hattinger GmbH
Location: Austria
Finalized in: Summer of 2021

Eltomation has recently supplied an ELTOMATIC CVS-16 Rotating Wood Wool Machine to the WWCB Plant of ISOLITH, Austria.

The ELTOMATIC will contribute to an overall capacity increase and safer working environment at ISOLITH’s plant, meanwhile securing an increased plant efficiency.