Wood Cement Boards

Wood Wool Cement Board

Wood Wool Cement Board (WWCB) is a versatile building material made from wood wool (excelsior) and cement.

The main characteristics are:

  • Fire resistance
  • Wet and dry rot resistance
  • Freeze-thaw resistance
  • Termite and vermin resistance
  • Thermal insulation, providing energy savings
  • Acoustic performance – sound absorption
  • Acceptance of a wide range of finishes

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Large WWC Wall Elements

Environmental awareness and the need to build energy efficient give a new impulse to Wood Wool Cement (WWC) building products. Recently the Swedish WWCB producer Träullit developed a revolutionary new building system with high thermal insulation, consisting of large homogeneous WWC Wall Elements of up to 6 m length and 260 cm height. The thickness of the WWC elements is up to 40 cm.
The main properties of this unique new building system are:

  • Energy efficient
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Fast construction
  • Exceptional sound absorption
  • Fire resistant (6 hour fire-rating achieved)
  • Termite and vermin proof
  • Good mold/fungus resistance
  • Excellent workability
  • Simple ingredients: (industrial) wood, water and cement
  • Eco-friendly production (no additional heat required)

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High density Wood Strand Cement Board – EltoBoard

EltoBoard (Wood Strand Cement Board) is a type of Wood Strand Cement Board with improved structural strength This high density board has been developed by Eltomation based on long-term experience with similar wood cement boards. EltoBoard offers durability, structural strength and resistance against fire, moisture, freeze-thaw cycles and termites, which makes it suitable for a wide range of internal & external applications. Due to the use of long wood strands instead of wood particles, it is lighter and stronger and more flexible (less brittle) than Cement Bonded Particle Board (CBPB).

EltoBoard is an environmentally friendly building material, free from harmful substances. The board does not contain any formaldehyde, toxic substances, asbestos or any other hazardous ingredients. Neither does the production process emit any environmentally unfriendly or toxic waste. The main components of EltoBoard are wood strands, Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) and water.

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Cement Bonded Particle Board

Cement Bonded Particle Board (CBPB) is manufactured mainly from the familiar and proven raw materials – Cement and PEFC Certified Soft Wood Particles – to which a small quantity of additives is added to ‘mineralize’ the wood particles.

CBPB is suitable for exterior and interior use; it is asbestos free; it contains no hazardous volatiles and its process dust is regarded as non-aggressive.

After being absent from his specific market for some time, Eltomation is pleased to again offer such turn-key CBPB Plant projects, based on our long-term involvement in several (turn-key) CBPB Plants and our experience in upgrading of existing CBPB Plants. The realization of such CBPB Plant projects will be in close cooperation with our new European partner. This cooperation, which brings together the experiences and strengths of both parties, results in a faster and more efficient process for equipment & electrical controls design, manufacturing, plant commissioning and after-sales services.

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