Supply of new Wet Wood Wool Spreading and Conveying System to Celenit, Italy

Customer: Celenit s.r.l. Isolanti Termoacustici
Location: Italy
Finalized in: Summer 2021

In addition to the recently supplied new Mixer, Eltomation will supply a new Wet Wood Wool Spreading and Conveying System to Celenit’s plant operation.

This technology will contribute to a more homogenous mixture and thereby overall better board quality.

Supply of new Limestone Dosing System to Cewood, Latvia

Customer: CEWOOD, SIA
Location: Latvia
Finalized in: Spring 2021

As part of the ongoing plant modernizations at our client CEWOOD, Eltomation has been awarded a contract for the supply and commissioning of a new Limestone Dosing System.

This plant modernization will assist the Client to reduce its operational cost by reducing the cement consumption. The upgrade will furthermore contribute to a smaller CO2 footprint of the production process and products.