Supply of 2nd ELTOMATIC to Knauf Fibre, France

Customer: Knauf Fibre
Location: France
Finalized in: End 2006

As part of the overall plant upgrade and required increased plant capacity and efficiency, Eltomation will supply a 2nd ELTOMATIC CVS-16 Wood Wool Machine to the WWCB Plant of Knauf Fibre, La Cote, France.

Supply of ELTOMATIC to Fibrolith, Germany

Customer: Fibrolith Dämmstoffe GmbH
Location: Germany
Finalized in: Fall 2006

In line with other leading European WWCB producers, the management of Fibrolith Dämmstoffe GmbH, has awarded Eltomation the contract for the supply of an ELTOMATIC CVS-16 Wood Wool Machine to improve its plant operation and overall board quality. The Eltomatic will replace up the 6 conventional wood wool shredding machines, thereby contributing to labour savings and improved safety in wood wool production.