Additional Eltomatic to Fibroplit, Russia

Customer: OOO Fibroplit
Location: Cherepovets, Russia
Finalized in: Late 2020

Eltomation has been awarded a contract for the supply of an additional Eltomatic CVS-16 Wood Wool Machine to its client OOO Fibroplit. The expansion follows the decision to expand the production capacity of the WWCB Plant. Another benefit of adding such 2nd Eltomatic is “the flexibility of also using small diameter Spruce”, according to the Director, Mr. Alexander Sokolov.

Eltomation to exhibit at Mosbuild 2021 at Crocus Expo Center, Moscow

March 30 to April 2, 2021

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Mosbuild 2020 exhibition was cancelled and rescheduled for 2021.

We hope to see you there.

Eltomation’s advanced Wood-Cement Technology published in Global Cement Magazine

January 2020

An extensive interview by Mr. Peter Edwards, Editor of Global Cement Magazine and Mr. Bert van Elten, CEO of Eltomation was published in the January 2020 issue of Global Cement Magazine.

The full article can be found here: 

A similar Article on the Eltomation Wood-Cement Technology was also publiseh in the ‘Global Gypsum Magazine’

Eltomation being Speaker at the 4th Global CemBoards Conference

21 – 22 January 2020, Munich, Germany.

Specialist from around the world met together at this Global CemBoards Conference to discuss new trends, product developments and technologies in the field of Cement Bonded Boards.

Mr. Bert van Elten, CEO of Eltomation was speaker on the subject: Innovative Technologies in the field of Wood Cement Products.

The presentation was well received and after the conference voted as “best appreciated and informative presentation”.

Various pending follow-up discussions came out of this conference.

Eltomation being Speaker at ICSBM 2019

Eindhoven University of Technology, August 12-15, 2019

International Students, Professors and interested parties from the industry met for 4 interesting days at this International Conference of Sustainable Building Materials.

Mr. Bert van Elten, CEO of Eltomation was speaker on the subject: Innovative production technologies and applications in the field of Wood Cement Products.

The full paper can be found here:

Eltomation successfully exhibited at Mosbuild 2019

Like in previous years the Eltomation stand at Mosbuild 2019 (April 2-5, 2019 at Crocus Expo Center, Moscow), was well visited by existing clients and new prospects.

Visitors mainly came from Russia, although also some good new contacts were made with prospects from other regions.

The Large WWC Wall Element demo at our stand attracted a lot of attention.

Very positive discussions on new projects and expansions/modernizations were held and a LOI was signed.

Eltomation exhibited at MosBuild 2018, Moscow

Eltomation recently exhibited at Russia’s largest Building & Interiors Trade Show, MosBuild (held from April 3-6, 2018).

Although the venue had changed from the traditional location at the Expo Centre to the new “Crocus Expo Center”, many interested parties from all regions of Russia (and beyond) found their way to the Eltomation stand.

Visitors showed interest in both the Eltomation Wood Wool Cement Board technology, as well as the new large Element Line developments.

Supply of 2nd ELTOMATIC to Troldtekt, Denmark

Customer: Troldtekt S/A
Location: Denmark
Finalized in: Spring 2014

Eltomation has started its engineering and manufacturing work on a 2nd ELTOMATIC CVS-16 Rotating Wood Wool Machine, which will be added to the previously supplied Eltomatic for a further increased production capacity of Troldtekt’s plant operation.

Supply of WWCB Plants and LE Line to PAEP, China

Customer: Wuxi Pan-Asia Environmental Protection Technologies Ltd.
Location: Jiangsu Province, PR of China
Finalized in: 2012 and 2013

Eltomation has been awarded contracts for the turn-key supply of several complete plants for the production of 60 cm WWCB. Each WWCB Plant will enable the production of over 12.000 m² finished boards per day. Furthermore a turn-key Large Element Line will be supplied for the production of Pre-fab Large Wall Elements. All lines will be installed at a new green-field plant location in Jiangsu Province, China.

Supply of ELTOMATIC to Takemura, Japan

Customer: Takemura Industry Co. Ltd.
Location: Yamaguchi, Japan
Finalized in: Spring 2012

Eltomation has secured the contract for the delivery of 2 ELTOMATIC CVS-16 Wood Wool Machines to Takemura Industry Co. Japan. This 2nd Eltomatic will be installed at Takemura’s WWCB Plant in Yamaguchi to replace a number conventional hand-operated wood wool machines.