Supply of 2nd ELTOMATIC to Takemura, Japan

Customer: Takemura Industry Co. Ltd.
Location: Nagano, Japan
Finalized in: Summer 2021

Eltomation is to supply a 2nd ELTOMATIC CVS-16 Rotating Wood Wool Machine to the WWCB Plant of Takemura, Japan to further expand the production capacity and increase the grade of automation.

Upgrade of PLC Control System to Cewood, Latvia

Customer: CEWOOD, SIA
Location: Latvia
Finalized in: Summer 2020

Eltomation has been awarded a contract for the upgrading of the existing S5 PLC Control System to the new S7-TIA standards (hardware and software).

Supply of new Double Shaft Mixer to Celenit, Italy

Customer: Celenit s.r.l. Isolanti Termoacustici
Location: Italy
Finalized in: Summer 2020

Eltomation supplied a new Double Shaft Mixer to the WWCB plant of Celenit to further improve the product quality.

This latest technology will contribute to a more intense mixing, resulting in a more homogenous mixture and thereby overall better board quality.

MosBuild 2021: Eltomation delays participation due to COVID-19

March 30 to April 2, 2021

Due to current situation with COVID-19, Eltomation has to delay its MosBuild participation and will have no booth at the upcoming fair in 2021.

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