Eltomation B.V. celebrating its 30-Years Anniversary

We are proud to announce that on September 1st 2022, it has been 30 years since we established our company Eltomation B.V..

Our track record goes even back to 1956, when Mr. G.J. (Gerry) van Elten (a just graduated Engineer) established his engineering company and started his first developments to improve the quality of the (still mainly manual) board production.
These initial developments and supplied equipment and solutions were the basis of our international success to become world-leader in the field of Wood-Cement Board Plants and Technologies.

During these decades we have been serving our international clients with new and more advanced technologies, plant modernisations and expansions, as well as greenfield Wood Cement Board Plant projects.

We like to thank our esteemed client-base for their support during these many years of cooperation and look forward to continue our pleasant relationships for the coming decades. Last but not least, we like to thank our staff for their continued support, efforts and workmanship to keep Eltomation world-leader in this field.