Supply of new Distributing Machines to Knauf Fibre, France

Customer: Knauf Fibre
Location: France
Finalized in: August 2007

Eltomation has started the supply of a new Double Distribution Machine with Master-Slaves Control System to the plant operation of Knauf Fibre, France. As a new technology, the Distribution machines are provided with a Vertical Mixture Buffer System with controlled discharge, to ensure a more constant feed of mixture to both Distribution Machines.

Supply of 2nd ELTOMATIC to Knauf Fibre, France

Customer: Knauf Fibre
Location: France
Finalized in: End 2006

As part of the overall plant upgrade and required increased plant capacity and efficiency, Eltomation will supply a 2nd ELTOMATIC CVS-16 Wood Wool Machine to the WWCB Plant of Knauf Fibre, La Cote, France.

Supply of ELTOMATIC to Fibrolith, Germany

Customer: Fibrolith Dämmstoffe GmbH
Location: Germany
Finalized in: Fall 2006

In line with other leading European WWCB producers, the management of Fibrolith Dämmstoffe GmbH, has awarded Eltomation the contract for the supply of an ELTOMATIC CVS-16 Wood Wool Machine to improve its plant operation and overall board quality. The Eltomatic will replace up the 6 conventional wood wool shredding machines, thereby contributing to labour savings and improved safety in wood wool production.

Supply of ELTOMATIC to Dietrich, Switzerland

Customer: Dietrich Isol AG
Location: Switzerland
Finalized in: Fall 2006

Eltomation recently supplied a new Eltomatic CVS-16 Wood Wool Machine to Dietrich to automate the Wood Wool supply to the WWCB Plant.

The Eltomatic replaces the (labour intensive) conventional wood wool shredding machines and provides Dietrich the ability to produce fine-fiber wood wool at a high capacity and consistent high quality.